WhiteSwipe.com – Terms of Purchase


These conditions apply to the purchases made at our service


The customer must be of legal age in his/her own country to make the purchase himself/herself.

The customer agrees to pay the product fully in advance before it is sent by us to customer.

The payment happens through PayPal.

The delivery times quoted in our website are not absolute and may variate according to the prevalent conditions in our logistics, and logistics of postal services of different countries. Also public holidays have effects.

The customer can return the product only if it is defective, otherwise he/she has to provide a good reason for the returning. The timeline for making a product return is 14 days from the reception of goods.

Defective goods shall be replaced, but we may require returning them first. In general the customer has to pay himself/herself the expenses for sending back the items he/she has purchased, though in case of defective goods we may give a small refund to compensate some of those expenses.

Goods which are returned for other reasons, must be in sellable condition in their own casings, cleared from any fingerprints, and free from scratches. We still reserve the right to refuse taking back the goods, except for a good reason. We reserve the right of deducting a portion of the refund amount as a processing fee.

As our TV screen cleaning DVD product shows a white video, the customer should not keep active, or leave alone, the fullscreen white background for more than 15 minutes at a time in regular use, to avoid possible aging of the screen pixels. Customer agrees to hold us harmless from any claims for compensation of damage to customer's equipment. Although our DVD gives feasible and tested screen cleaning instructions, customer agrees that the quality and effects of his/her cleaning is ultimately his/her own responsibility, holding us harmless from any claims for compensation of possible or actual damage to his/her equipment.

Our products are sent from the United States. If you are an international customer, you should note that because the purchases made at our website generally represent small sums, there will not necessarily be any customs to be paid depending on your country of residence. The customer agrees though that it is his/her responsibility to pay any customs, duties and related taxes for his/her purchase.

We use a third-party DVD-fulfillment supplier, which is based in United States, in manufacturing and delivering our TV screen cleaning DVD product straight to the customer. The customer accepts that his/her name, address and email address along with the order details are relayed to our supplier for the purpose of order fulfillment. Our supplier promises to us to keep our customers' personal details confidential and only temporarily storaged, and to never send unsolicited email to our customers. The customer agrees that it is not our fault or responsibility, should the customer suffer financial or material loss or damage, because of the conduct or failure of conduct of our supplier, what becomes to order fulfillment, communication or other activities, which have a bearing on the customer.

We have a highly automated ordering and delivery system for the customer's benefit, and we strive to keep our systems in readiness of delivery at all times, but we cannot absolutely guarantee always its error-free functioning. In addition to our own systems, our server provider's systems, our payment processor's systems as well as our supplier's systems could occasionally face delays or possible errors.

*PayPal is a registered trademark of PayPal Inc.

Privacy policy

We do not send spam email. We store your name, address and email address only temporarily, and only for the purpose of order fulfillment and to help process your possible feedback, at most three months time, normally less than that. When required by the law, we have to store the details of the transaction for book-keeping purposes, but even then we retain the buyer's anonymity as extensively as permitted in law.

These conditions will be applied according to the Finnish law, the venue of court being Rovaniemi, Finland.

Last revised: March 2012.