Who we are

WhiteSwipe.com is the world's first online screen cleaning service. It has been invented by Pasi Loukas, a Finnish internet developer. Based on the concept of fullscreen white background, the service provides easy cleaning of the screen surface, without having to seek out to direct sunlight, without having to look from oblique angles during the cleaning, and without having to use screen cleaning liquids excessively.

WhiteSwipe.com promotes also an innovative complimentary product based on the same screen cleaning concept, a DVD-disc used as an aid in cleaning the screen surface of a high-definition TV. The DVD runs a wide-screen full-white video, revealing stains, smudges and dust to the tiniest detail for easy cleaning of the sensitive HD screen, while lessening the need and risk of exposing the TV screen to excess moisture, redundant chemicals and rough handiwork.

We market our services for both individuals as well as organisations. To better serve the customers we have developed yet another innovative service for the frequent users of our site, the Cleaning Alerts™, where cleaning reminders are sent to subscribed members, based on an individually customized schedule. The service is specially tailored for the needs of an organisation, who can sign up their multi-forward email address to the service, letting the workers clean their computer screens in an organized manner.

Modern research has shown that computer screens collect constantly bacteria from the exhaled air, incubating them because of the moisture carried by the breathing. The problem is made worse by the temperature factor, as the mellow heat emitted by both the breathing and computer screen add to the normally pleasant environmental conditions where computers are used, creating an optimal breeding ground for mass production of bacteria. This is an especially important issue in the work places, where the number of sickness cases can be diminished with proper screen hygiene.

While cleaning the screens, the workers clean also their hands, what adds up to the total benefits of good screen cleaning hygiene. It has long been common wisdom, that in work places something happens much more likely if it is reminded about in a positive way, and that's where our cleaning reminders come to help. Together with our fullscreen cleaning service, the Cleaning Alerts™ gives your organisation a high-value health and hygiene management tool, and for free of charge.

Serving white from the land of snow

We are located in Rovaniemi, Finland, from where we reach to international markets. We distribute our screen cleaning DVDs through a supplier in United States, harnessing a fully-automized order fulfillment chain.

For business partners

We are open for new partnerships and business proposals. Teaming with us you are teaming with the first player in the field. We actively market and promote our service, and we are highly motivated to do that. Drive for creating new is like a sun that rises again after sunset ... it's something that is also called passion.

For investors

If you are interested to invest in a commercially innovative mass-service with lots of growth potential and working revenue equation, you are visiting one. We might be interested to give up some of the ownership in exchange of a sturdy and serious financial backing.

Contact information

Means for contact can be found at our Feedback page